Bizsquare is now OFFICIALLY REGISTERED in Indonesia – Let’s Break Boundaries Together!

I am delighted to update you with the recent development at Bizsquare  –  the official registration of our representative office in The Plaza Office Tower 41st Floor, Central Jakarta, 10350, Indonesia, on July 28th, 2023.

This significant milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to assist Singapore businesses in unlocking the vast potential of the Indonesian market.

Our strategic decision to establish Bizsquare’s representative office in Indonesia was driven by our vision to serve as your ultimate gateway to this vibrant and dynamic market. A foreign representative office, such as the one we have established, serves as a vital entity for foreign companies seeking to explore market opportunities, network, and fulfill managerial requirements in Indonesia on behalf of their overseas holding company. We understand the immense potential that a representative office holds in assisting new businesses gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the Indonesian market landscape.

Our local presence enables us to cater to your unique business goals, help you build invaluable networks, and investigate promising business opportunities. Here’s how our representative office can be your invaluable ally in Indonesia:

Networking: Establishing a foothold in a new market can be daunting, but with our vast network and local expertise, we can facilitate meaningful connections with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and potential partners. Our goal is to ensure you enter the Indonesian market with a strong support system, fostering growth and success.

Market Insights: Navigating the complexities of a foreign market requires thorough research and understanding. Our dedicated team at the Indonesia representative office will conduct in-depth market analysis, identify potential prospects, and offer valuable insights, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

Business Development Support: From initial market entry to ongoing operations, our representative office is equipped to address your managerial requirements, liaising with local authorities, and ensuring compliance with Indonesian regulations. We aim to streamline your business processes, so you can focus on innovation and growth.

In addition to establishing our representative office, I have embarked on a quest to find the most suitable partners for our esteemed clients. Over the past weeks, I have met with potential partners from various industries who possess specialized expertise and a deep understanding of the Indonesian market. These strategic collaborations are intended to complement your business offerings and expedite your expansion into Indonesia.

Our focus on business matching and market entry services means that we can provide you with the following:

Business Matching Expertise: Our highly experienced teams in Singapore and Indonesia excel in connecting Singaporean SMEs with suitable partners and opportunities in Indonesia. We strive to provide you with tailor-made solutions to create strategic alliances that align precisely with your business objectives.

Market Entry Strategies: Our experts will collaborate closely with you to develop tailored market entry strategies, considering the unique characteristics of Indonesia’s business and regulatory landscape. Navigating the complexities of the Indonesian market is made easier with us by your side, where you can count on us to offer valuable insights to guide your decision-making and mitigate potential risks.

And don’t forget, you could get 50% cost defray for the above services by applying for EnterpriseSG MRA grant. Come talk to us, and you might even get a chance to go to Indonesia for free! I am excited about the opportunities that this new office will bring and we look forward to working with you to help your business grow in Indonesia.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team at

Thank you for entrusting us as your partner in growth.

Best regards,