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Its team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in investment banking, private equity, technology, and operations. Stride also offers CFO advisory solutions, including financial reporting, business planning, cash flow management, and debt financing. The company utilizes its proprietary analytics system—called Stride Vista—which integrates financial and time tracking data.

san francisco bookkeeping

OUM is not only one of the leading CPA firms in San Francisco but also has a significant presence in San Ramon and the San Diego area. OUM was founded in 1976, based on the philosophy of building lifelong client relationships. Technology sectors served by Miller Kaplan include hardware, software, SaaS, applications, security, semiconductors, data and memory storage, audio and video, electronics, and media and advertising. With that in mind, Miller Kaplan has staff members dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of both new and established technology companies.

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The team members at Hemming Morse are members of prestigious professional organizations, and many also often teach courses and write expert content in their area of expertise. As a result, the Harrington Group offers training sessions for boards of directors with information and guidance on topics relevant to the groups that are in charge of nonprofit governments. This allows their CPAs in San Francisco to delve into each distinctive client engagement with an eye toward the unique elements of that industry.

san francisco bookkeeping

When not on the move, April finds joy in window shopping, a leisurely activity that allows her to stay abreast of the latest trends and find inspiration. Dining with friends is another of her cherished pastimes, offering her the opportunity to unwind and relish good food and great company. And while his analytical talents are commendable, whispers around the firm have it that Wyatt’s engineering genius isn’t just limited to accounting and operations. Tales of his capacity to engineer spacecraft and missiles are told in hushed tones, adding an aura of mystique around this operational wizard. If the world of accounting and operations at SD Mayer had an unsung hero, Wyatt would be wearing that cape. Joining the firm in 2018, Wyatt’s quick rise to the position of COO within just a year is a testament to his unparalleled skillset and forward-thinking approach.

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A graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in business accounting, Susan’s academic background laid the groundwork for her successful career. Further solidifying her credentials, she is an enrolled agent certified by the IRS, a testament to her extensive tax knowledge and authority to represent taxpayers. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Al Albayt University in Jordan, he brings a global perspective to his work, seamlessly blending Western best practices with Middle Eastern insights. This, complemented by an active CPA license, sets him apart in the auditing world.

These include payroll processing, financial consultation, and individual tax preparation. Streamline Bookkeeping is an accounting company in Oakland that offers bookkeeping services for small businesses and professional service firms. They provide data entry of all business transactions, as well as a monthly review and report for accurate and up-to-date financial statements. Streamline Bookkeeping is certified by the California Board for Accountancy and by Intuit Certified ProAdvisor QuickBooks. Susan’s career trajectory took a specialized turn as she delved into the low-income housing tax credit sector, working extensively with nonprofits and partnerships. This niche provided her with a profound grasp of complex tax frameworks and the nuances of financial reporting for entities facing unique tax challenges.

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With online bookkeeping services and real human support, Bench is the expert financial solution your business deserves. These services will take into account everything from family structure to individual goals, and this approach is key to helping clients solve even the most complex of financial issues. Seiler is a member of HLB International, a global network of independent accounting and professional services firms. A San Francisco accountant and business advisement firm, OUM & Co. helps clients unlock financial and accounting insights and strategies that let them grow their companies and improve their revenue.

san francisco bookkeeping

This solid foundation in business and accounting principles has prepared him well for the challenges of the auditing world. And now, with his active preparation for the CPA exam, Josiah underscores his commitment to excellence and a desire to continuously enhance his professional credentials. Raghav’s journey with SD Mayer commenced in a synergistic fashion through an internship under USF’s esteemed Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. Demonstrating not just aptitude but also a profound affinity for the firm, Raghav seamlessly transitioned from intern to a consultant with the outsourced accounting practice. His responsibilities encompass vital areas such as balance sheets, financial statements, and managing bill pay/payroll, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every turn. The solution is to bring in a top tier accountant for as many hours as makes sense for your specific needs.